We are incredibly excited to be back in our element and producing large events! Both Simon & Meagan produced large events before they started MEGA Music Entertainment! We had this idea for months, and are so excited that it is now coming together. With numerous partners who see the vision, we plan to offer something to those who want to experience an amazing wedding! We are trying to meet the need for a very niche market who has been asking for something more than just an expo, but a real event.

There will be no “booths” instead the whole night is broken up into the “5 Scenes” of a wedding: Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner, Dessert/Entertainment, Dancing. You can purchase a “Scene” where you have the opportunity to let the guests see you in your element. The point is not to sell, but to let the client see you at your best! You will get to engage with the clients, and there will be “pauses” where the vendor gets to come up on stage and talk about what they do, and really sell themselves. Invitations will be sent to each couple after they buy tickets through Tickets Oregon. Every vendor will have a “Time To Shine” even if they are vendors you don’t typically see at a wedding. Color coordinated cards will be handed to couples when they walk in as part of their packet. During a scene if the bride holds up let’s say the “green” card, then the vendor assigned to that color walks up to the bride, answers her question, and can give her a business card or small brochure. No longer will a bride walk by your booth uninterested, they will be literally flagging you down!
Benson - Mayfair Ballroom

We realized that typical wedding expos and shows have inherent problems that will never be solved. As a vendor you never want to be stuck against the wall, you prefer to have more space but that costs more. The bride always brings girlfriends or her mom, and never the groom, and when she does he is not interested because he is being dragged to the show. You prefer to have a corner or to be in the middle, and then there are the “lulls” at the end of shows where we all ask our selves “what are we still doing here?” The bride always asks if they can see you in action, but you can’t invite them to a wedding. What about being at a show where the prices range and vary so much that the client just goes with what’s cheapest.

With this “Event” we are breaking the shackles of the traditional show, and thinking outside the “10×10 box” and letting your imagination run wild! Let’s do a real wedding, the wedding the client wants, because when they see you in action there are no more questions. Full flower arrangements, a 4 course meal: Appetizers, Salad, Entree, & Desserts. When a guests arrives they get valet, or can order cab service, and have limo services options! Unlimited beer & wine with complimentary drink tickets for signature cocktail drinks. Discounted rates for all rooms at the Benson Hotel, lives acts, with a special guest performer (think big & local)! End the night with dancing with DJ’s battling it out after the big performer leaves the stage.

A lucky couple will win the Presidential Suite that night, for that night! We plan on having many prizes not just for the bride, but for the groom as well. We want to make sure that you get both of them there to let them see you do your magic!


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