I’ve been brain washed with the thought of an expo, how do I get that out of my head and how does this work? Do I still get space? Where do I put my equipment, and all my stuff? What about my marketing material?

DON’T WORRY! We were also vendors at shows, and consider out vendors questions and concerns equals to our clients. We plan on pampering and catering to our vendors just as much as we do to our guests. We realize that you have a lot of stuff not only when you do a typical show, but what about when you actually go to work? Luckily the Benson has graciously given us their Parliament rooms for the vendors. Each room will be broken down into each scene, with room number 4 being split into 2 scenes because of it’s size. These rooms are accessed very easily because the door to the garage is down the hall about 20 feet to the right. No stairs, no elevators, no hassle! Wheel everything you have straight from the garage into your assigned room according to the scenes, put your stuff down, get ready, and get to work. Go back to the room to grab anything you need, and everything will be guarded and locked!

Parliament Floor PlanThe First Scene will take place in the Crystal Ballroom. This will be the Ceremony portion, and people will enter here after lounging in the foyer/lobby. Guests will be greeted with champagne and fruit, and will have a time to mingle and talk with vendors for a short time before things start.

Crystal Floor PlanAfter the Ceremony people will be guided to the Mayfair Ballroom where the remaining 4 Scenes will take place. Just like at other shows where you can buy extra “booth space” we will give options to vendors to purchase more than one “scene”, giving them a greater presence, and better opportunity to show off and connect with the clients.

Mayfair Floor Plan

The London Grill will also be open during the whole event, and this is an area we are calling the “Intimate Room.” For those people who still have to have a traditional booth space, this will be the only area where that will happen.
Benson - London Grill

Dimensions & Capacities

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